dimes only.

With the ongoing amount of credit cards at ones disposal nowadays, it’s truly hard to keep track of them all, or you’ll have a wallet that will help pay your chiropractors car payment.  Until Coin.  Coin allows storage of all your credit cards in one place.  In one credit card sized, electronic, swipe-able card that can be accessed using bluetooth 4.0 and the smartphone of your choice.  Utilizing the bundled reader that plugs into your device, you are able to authenticate and upload cards to be used right on your Coin.  Or do you pull a Moody, and leave your card behind at every bar or restaurant that allows an “open tab”.  Yeah, your Coin will remind you about itself so you don’t leave it behind.  Want to lock your coin if you left it behind, do it right from the app, remotely.  Coin is set to release Summer 2014 and for the next couple weeks, you can snag it for 50% off.  Grab a Coin on pre-order and be one of the first to enjoy this magical wallet shrinking gadget.

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