dimes only.

Whats the deal with Pangea Bracelets?

Not the fact that Yeezy has been spotted wearing them, professional DJs, and celebrities alike…  But let’s start with the fact that they are handmade, and made to order.  This means that the crew at Pangea Life Essentials, in LA off Fairfax, do not start the creation of your custom bracelet, until you have placed your order.  Each bead is made of rare precious stone, individually selected, and hand threaded with only fine dyed silk.  They even open and close the bracelet multiple times to make sure the tension is correct and the bracelet won’t snap.  Take your choice of over 40 rare precious bead choices, and a handful of colored silk thread.  With a ticket from 1 to 5 benjamins per bracelet, Pangea LE and their custom made-to-order bracelets are certified #SWAGMAX.  If you missed the collab with Diamond Supply Co a couple weeks ago, then slide on over to their shop by clicking either photo and find a custom one that fits your style just right.  

dimes only.  you know this.

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    These bracelets (and the necklaces) are so fucking sexy omg. But the necklace I like costs $600 & I don’t have that kind...
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