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The Art of Shaving

We know that if you stay tuned into SWAGMAX, you’re anything but average, but can you believe the average man shaves at least 20,000 times in his life?  Now you owe it to yourself, and your wife, baby’s mama, or even flavor of the week to stay up on your shaving swag.  That’s why we have Josh & Josh, our personal Shave Masters at The Art of Shaving at South Coast Plaza.  The Art of Shaving offers premium shaving creams, oils, razors, and even straight blades to bring the boss out in every man.   They offer vibrating Mach 3, Fusion, and ProGlide razors even a heavy nickel with engraving options.  With an unscented, lavender, sandalwood, lemon, and a new Ocean Kelp formula, The Art of Shaving has plenty of scents to pair with your favorite fragrances.  Be sure to check out their assortment of badger hair brushes ranging from $55 to a cool $250 for the silvertip.  Today only they are offering $25 off purchases over $100 on their site so log on and swag up before 11:59p to cash in on some savings.  Or stop by and see Josh & Josh and our local South Coast Plaza location and tell ‘em the SWAGMAX guys sent you.  Shave Swag 101 courtesy of SWAGMAX CERTIFIED - The Art of Shaving.

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